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With customers located around Europe in nearly every industry, STRUBL knows which films work best for eachunique application. They are continuously testing new packaging solutions and new automated bag packaging machines,using the latest polymer technology, to develop plastic filmsthat meet the evolving needs of customers in medical and pharmaceutical environments. They offer hundreds ofdifferent film types, including high clarity, standard polyethylene, cook-in and freezer films,scratch-resistant, anti-static, tear-resistant, plastic bags,laminated films and many more.
When this much has been explained, it must nevertheless be admitted that in modern times the established traditionappears to have been breaking down, because many technical solutions are now in practice constantly cited in theindustry, though only the best of them are likely to command attention. The reason for this departure from theestablished tradition is probably that in comparatively recent years a large increase in the popularity of thestudy of packaging methods in all major enterprises has done much to improve the quality of flexibles and toincrease the volume of the market of packaging machinery.
Strubl's position is commonly referred to in Europe and even works of living customers are often cited, though bya rule of etiquette, users who refer to works of the latter category should not cite them directly as authorities,but should request the leave of the international market to adopt the arguments which they contain as part oftheir own submissions.
The line of biodegradable and recycled polyethylene is a favorite among many European customers because theproperties of the packaging films aren’t compromised, but the impact on the packaging machinery is lessened.We offer a wide variety of poly film types and special flexiblesthat improve the quality of bag packaging,protect medical products during shipping, and make every cleanroom packagestand out from the crowd.


STRUBL stands for a medium size company in the plastic-packaging and packaging-system business. We act in three different business units:
  • Flexibles (films and bags for industrial and consumer packaging)
  • Plug&Pack packaging systems
  • Cleanroom packaging
Our company is managed as a familiy company with more than 65 years of experience. Our special strength is to develop and to produce on our customer demands.
Technical flexibility all over our value chain: Extrusion, printing and converting.
We have our own engineering department for product and process development.
Our qualified and highly motivated staff satisfies all our customers needs.
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