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I'm Joy Gendusa and this is my amazing team! I surround myself with only the VERY BEST. Each and every one of these wonderful people gives their all in order to provide the very best experience and results to our customers. We are all accessible to YOU if you need us for anything. Scroll over each to find out what their post title is and what they do at PostcardMania.

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Integrate social media + tracking with your mailing.

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Direct Mail Advertising

PostcardMania has over a decade of experience creating successful direct mail campaigns for small businesses all over the US. When it comes to marketing with proven results, we are your best choice!

Mailing Lists

We have partnered with some of the best mailing list vendors to ensure your bulk mail is hitting only the most qualified prospects. We target your promotion to reach new customers that are similar to your current best customers.

Promote Your Small Business

Want to learn how to grow your business and ways to bring in more new customers? We can help you increase your sales and expand your business by sending custom targeted mailers to your service area. Our advice is free and we can give you ideas and strategies on how to increase the number of prospects that are inquiring about your services.

Postcard Printing

We print all of our postcards in our in-house facility - millions of mailers every week! Contact us and we will be happy to show you examples of our quality - we will mail you free samples!

Graphic Design Services

We have created hundreds of templates for post cards that you can use to get more customers including prospecting cards, invitations, announcements and reminders. Or, we can come up with a custom plan for your business using the tips and tools we have put together after creating tens of thousands of campaigns for businesses trying to get more leads!
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