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Who we are and what we do

Blue52 Productions is a full-service event production company specializing in technology, research, and science sector events.Our Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and design team produces an array of events from small technical forums to large conferences and expos for clients such as DoD, DoE, NASA, Universities, Associations, and Industry. Our portfolio crosses several sectors such as space, hypersonics, defense technology, laser technology, nano technology, and the oil industry just to name a few.Our team is proficient in navigating through the maze of event regulations governing restricted access forums, as well as international events looking for maximum marketing exposure.


From concept to execution, we strive to significantly improve our clients return on investment, whether in time saved, fewer dollars expended, greater educational benefits, maximization of networking and cross collaboration, or greater marketing impact for sponsors and exhibitors.


Whether planning an event right in your backyard, across the county, or across the world, we are here to facilitate the success of your event.A sampling of services we provide include:

Site and Venue Selection

Program and Agenda Development

Committee Development & Management

Speaker, Exhibitor and Sponsor Recruitment

Comprehensive Event Logistics

Registration Services (Online & Onsite)

Audiovisual Coordination and Staging

Event Marketing and Advertising

Web Site Development and Management

Exhibit Show Management

Event Budget Management

Venue and Supplier Negotiations (Hotels, Caterers, AV, Drayage, etc.)

Event Security Plans and Procedures

Onsite Staffing and Security

Protocol Support

Proceedings, Meeting Minutes and Periodical Production

Post-event Surveys and Analysis

Product Portfolio

Technical Conferences & Training Events

In a day and age where many professional fields demand continuing education to stay current (whether formal or informal), technical conferences and training events are an effective way to meet these goals. Along with development of personnel skills, job training, and provision of professional networking opportunities, technical conferences and training events play a significant role in fostering timely technical exchange and collaboration within and technology arena.Additionally, they can encourage technology transition, conduct program advocacy, establish and maintain a leadership role in a given research and development community, and provide marketing opportunities for an organization or technology area. Effective planning for these events requires the know-how to identify the hot topics in a particular field, the ability to bring together the leaders in the field, the skill to build and manage technical programming committees, the processes to conduct call for abstracts and paper selections, and the ability to build a program worthy of attendance by the leaders in the industry. With over 20 years’ experience providing this exact support, we’d like to help you with your event today.

Trade Shows & Expos

Trade shows are a unique animal. There are large numbers of competing events in the market and so targeting your audience is critical, but even more important is effectively catching and maintaining their attention. Trade shows are all about making connections and selling products and services. You must aggressively pre-sell prospects before they arrive, fully engage them during the expo, and expeditiously follow-up with them to help generate repeat and additional sales for your exhibitors. Managing smaller expos to managing industry-wide, high-volume, and large-scale shows can put the most experienced planner to task. Give our team a call to help you launch or manage your existing expo or trade show.

Corporate & Association Events

As internal budgets shrink, outsourcing is the name of the game. Not all organizations have the need or desire to staff a full time, full service event productions team. Need a piece of the puzzle or the whole support team, Blue52 Productions provides customized solutions to support corporations and associations as they need it. We augment your team, allowing you to focus your internal resources on your most important goals. Full service event production, graphics support, registrars, web masters, writers…let us know how we can support you.

Government Events

In the wake of government event scandals, there is an increase in scrutiny on budgets and ethics, requiring a detailed understanding of the rules to properly produce and execute a government funded event.Government conferencing requires a solid understanding of Joint Travel Regulations and agency instructions that dictate the “do’s” and “don’ts of military and government events and event expenditures. Our team has over 20 years of experience supporting government sponsored and funded events, wrapped in these regulations. Give us a call – our team is happy to help you navigate through this tricky environment and produce a successful event for you.

Exhibit Booth Designs

A professionally produced exhibit is the key to successful and rewarding trade shows. Make the most of your marketing dollars by allowing our graphics team to produce a custom exhibit to promote your brand and highlight your capabilities.

Whether you need an informative table top display or a full-scale exhibit structure with lighting and accessories, our team has the experience and expertise to design, develop and deliver an innovative exhibit for your next event.

Event & Product Marketing

Have the event logistics and planning under control, but need some event/product marketing and advertising support? Keep it simple by utilizing the skills of our team. Our team of graphic artists and copywriters produce innovative publications to convey your message through original artwork and informative content. Using creative visuals and proven marketing techniques, our experts create the theme and image that’s right for you. From brochures, newsletters, exhibit booth design and production, articles, traditional and non-traditional advertising campaigns, customer logo design and more, our expertise is at your fingertips.

Event Financing and Sponsorship

Limited budgets don’t have to mean substandard events. Events are funded in a variety of ways through corporate or organizational internal funding, registration and exhibit fees, corporate sponsorships, or a hybrid of these options. If you are looking for a solution to minimize costs and financial liability while growing or preserving the integrity of your event, give us a call.

Contact Us

Blue52 Productions, LLC
201 W. Mitchell St., Ste 110
Petoskey, MI 49770

Blue52 Productions, LLC, founded in Ohio, is currently headquartered in Petoskey, MI.The company also operates out of offices in Dayton, Ohio near Wright Patterson Air Force Base.


Upcoming Events

National Space & Missile Materials Symposium (NSMMS)

The NSMMS brings together the Nation’s technology leaders to review the critical challenges of materials, processing, and manufacturing for space, missile, and hypersonic systems. System engineers, designers, scientists, researchers, managers, and senior leaders will be in attendance from the joint services, NASA, DOE, academia, and industry.

Commercial and Government Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE)

CRASTE focuses on integration of emerging technologies and emerging space access architectures to satisfy new and existing markets. CRASTE has a special focus on near term technologies that are approaching flight.


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Hypersonic Technology & Systems Conference (HTSC)

Springfield, VA

Sustained hypersonic flight within dense atmosphere has substantial utility. Advances in underlying technologies and integration into weapon systems offer the DOD significant enhancements in its ability to penetrate heavily defended areas and prosecute time-critical targets. Other nations are also actively pursuing these technologies; as such, defense against such systems is also of increased interest. The technologies required to enable the reliable use of hypersonic vehicles are multi-disciplinary. These include aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, navigation, guidance and control, in addition to challenges of air-breathing propulsion, rocket boost, sensors, and platform integration. This conference will bring together the best and brightest involved in the development of hypersonic technologies in a forum which will facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities. This conference will highlight the nation’s investments in hypersonic technologies for both research & development and weapon platform integration.

27 - 29 October 2020

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Conference on Advanced Power Systems for Deep Space Exploration

Pasadena, California

The focus of this meeting is to discuss these challenges as they relate to power technologies and identify new solutions. Attendees will have an opportunity to provide feedback and inputs to be shared at a future Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) meeting. The intent of this workshop is to foster new collaborations and development of new cross-cutting technologies.

10 – 13 February 2021

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National Fire Control Symposium (NFCS)

San Diego, California

The NFCS is the only all-service forum for discussing the entire kill chain applicable to the Joint Military Services, as well as their research and development centers and defense industry partners. Technical content includes the presentation, demonstration, discussion, and sharing of advanced concepts required for: force management and pre-mission planning; locating, identifying, targeting, and attacking air, sea, ground, space targets; performing post-attack evaluations, as well as the integration, testing, tactics, and training required to maintain our tactical advantage.

12 – 15 April 2021

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High Power Laser Ablation Symposium (HPLA)

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Since 1998, the International High Power Laser Ablation Symposium has provided a unique forum, in a collegial atmosphere, for exchange of ideas on the physics and application of high power laser-materials interaction, including advances in relevant high power laser sources and problems of beam propagation and detection.

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