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Friday, June 26, 2020

Occupy Lives Matter

Just for perspective, maintream media have been more syncophantic toward BLM than the Occupy effort, even with both bringing a focus upon extreme police brutality, and with each being an outcry of the oppressed. The power system, Joe's status quo, shit on both and used obscene force against each.

Keep a proper persepctive of who needs to ally with whom, to gain common objectives, with each bloc helping the other on separate but just objectives.

Simply put, know your friends, help your friends.

Pres Don and wannabe Joe - neither is your friend. Ask how it came that Joe and not Bernie got Clyburn's annointment, and then look at who Clyburn backed in the Engel ouster.

That, or stay oppressed when ostensibly voting matters. It matters little when the question is which is the bigger pile, the Clinton-Trump juxtaposition, and of all things, the Biden-Trump pile offering.

Don't they look the same?

Can you spot a pattern? Are you dumb as a brick, or pissed and wondering how long one seat in Congress at a time will take to get way, way, way overdue JUSTICE? Billionaire bastards do not want JUSTICE. Bloomberg spent half a billion against JUSTICE. And Obama in choosing slogans (which he then over eight years at the helm failed to deliver on) did the HOPE and CHANGE sloganeering bit, but Obama never added JUSTICE.

A curious fact, yes/no?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Is Trump a Mason? If so, what Degree?

Albert Pike statue in DC is in the news. Wikipedia. This. Trump's reaction. More, Trump wants Pike reerected. The Hill. Wha's 'appening?

Was Pike big in the Klan? What's got Trump all a-fuss? Just who Trump is, or some membership dimension above and beyond the bluster and fuss of who he regularly is? There is this. What basis would a simple blogger have to affirm or deny that? If it's on the Internet it must be true. That's what they say.

UPDATE: What's Biden have to say about the Pike monument, present and future? Someone should ask him for a statement.

FURTHER: Is Barr a Mason? Wilbur Ross? Ross and Jarad seem the constants in the flow of personnel through the Trump term in office. With Barr a "late blooming" keeper, in Trumpland. So, Barr, Ross, and nepotism defining the aberrational consistency - sticking in the funnel when all else washed out.

One person, one step at a time. As long as the direction is right correct, and persists, we get better.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Deep State Blues.

US is being run by them. They do not really care about US, because each party has THE SAME CONSTITUENCY.

Guardian reports:

Barack Obama made his first campaign appearance alongside Joe Biden since endorsing him for president in April, helping raise more than $11m while warning Democrats against being “complacent or smug” about the presidential race.

The virtual fundraiser collected $7.6m from 175,000 grassroots contributors, according to the Biden campaign. The pair also hosted a private online portion for high-dollar donors, which was not open to reporters, and brought in more than $3.4m.

[...] The Trump campaign has so far been ahead in overall fundraising, with $265m in cash at the end of May. Trump’s Dallas fundraiser earlier this month raised north of $10m for the campaign, Republican National Committee and the Trump Victory Fund. Biden and the Democrats had a combined $122m, Reuters reported, though the former vice-president’s fundraising efforts appear to have picked up in recent weeks.

Two centrists, the Romneycare Pair, big fucking deal. Neither of them, certainly not the other stranglehold party either, excites HOPE for any actual CHANGE. Same old bullshit where eight years went by under slogans while bailing out Wall Street, and that pair produced no CHANGE and quelled much HOPE in the process. And then there is Trump/Pence. Are YOU happy? Are you enthusiastic? If so, why?

After eight sub-par years from that pair I would give neither fifty cents, of your money. That bad! Still so! Two mediocre career politicians, one black, who stiffed the 99% with no Wall Street criminal - not even as a token step - put into jail, not one, over that time. Bending to insurance money, via Romneycare. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were a better song and dance team.

UPDATE: Think you've had enough? Want at least one piece of good news? There are early returns suggesting a black progressive can defeat a pro-Zionist entrenched mediocre New York centrist DCCC-loved politician; despite this. After Engel dumped his "anti-semite" load of BS on Ilhan Omar for speaking the truth about AIPAC, it appears Engel may be getting what he deserves. If voted out Engel at least will have an AIPAC safety net of Benjamins to cushion any fall. He can lobby. FURTHER: With mail-in ballots yet to be counted, Engel cannot be counted out yet - the strong Bowman showing being better, so far, than trailing in early returns. The Intercept. FOX.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hi, y'all. Recognize Jason?

What's he look like to you? Hint.

Image from Strib.

UPDATE: Recognize this and this. The world has moved on. This man's tracks have, however, not washed away. Hateful attitudes can last a lifetime. The incumbent, while not anyone's progressive, nonetheless is nobody's idiot.

Lewis, however, will want Trump aura to somehow rub off on him, positively, to where it becomes his. See, e.g., his campaign website banner. All the negatives are with Lewis and will remain so, but none of the roguish cachet Trump is able to generate for himself can attach to a human brick.

Incumbency will not take a hit, that contest; no matter what else happens apart from the Lewis dream ambition.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Hi y'all. Recognize Joe?

DWT. YouTube-1. YouTube-2. MISTAKES WERE MADE: Indeed! Beyond that, recently, months ago, mistakes were made. Clyburn's comes to mind. Bloomberg's. RECOGNIZE: Anita Hill might say, "Never could see him, ever. But recognition, Biden is recognizable . . ." He did put his unique stamp on what was a better Court, before. Stacey Abrams said it correctly, (and is out of contention for VP). Abrams could change how Biden is recognized, if his VP choice, or perhaps not. Abrams' full remarks, in the Woodruff interview. Abrams discussing voter suppression.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

ZeroHedge being - - - ZeroHedge.

Kind words and light-hearted viewpoints; here, here, here and here, as latest posts at the time this is posted. Yet some don't like such messaging, perhaps wanting more dread to the thread? DWT has an animated GIF image. Is there overlap? Is there a legacy being built, a story, ready to trend? Who knows?

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Bowman vs. ossified Engle. [UPDATED]

Time to reform a district in New York. No matter what Clyburn says. Clyburn already has done enough damage. Links: here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Improve the nation, one congressional district, one senate seat at a time. From Politico [links omitted]:

Warren joins Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in backing Bowman, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) all endorsed Engel in recent days.

"[Warren] knows it's not enough to keep electing Democrats that will only nibble around the edges, and it's why I am running to make big, structural change in New York's 16th District," Bowman wrote in a tweet.

Engel has served in the House since 1989 and is facing perhaps his toughest primary challenge in over 30 years. New York holds its primary on June 23.

Judge who wants to represent US, vs the darling among a sick Dem Party status quo. Fix things, or wish you had.

UPDATE: To donate:

FURTHER: DWT embedded this "rising" segment, Hill TV. Booker in Kentucky and Bowman in New York - DNC/DCCC/DSCC and the Congressional Black Caucus stand committed to diversity, in one sense ...

FURTHER: 6/22/2020 - With all huffing and puffing to minimize Trump's OK appearance, he attracted six thousand or so attendees, so how many could Joe Biden attract? Ten bankers and seven CEO types, a gaggle of "power" lawyers from DC and NYC, lobbyists and donors; say a thousand max? Bernie had crowds; Biden had party machinery; where Trump's OK showing was anything but encouraging to Biden people, regardless of who spins facts whichever way. Tomorrow's primary elections will matter. Who has GOTV chops, Dem side, being the question.

At a guess if the Engle primary challenge and the Amy McGrath challenger yield wins; Dem inner party will put a racial spin onto it "identity politics flexing muscle," and not a progressive-vs-regressive aura being mentioned in mainstream outlet coverage. It is not about hardship and suffering among all, will be said, but "clearly" an assertion consistent with BLM politics. Black awakening, not the poor finally having sense shown at ballot boxes. Who counts the votes, that is a question. Another question? Who successfully spins the results conventionally, or as finally some class awakening among several "identity" segments about the wealthy's long-standing mean and grinding class warfare against 99% of US, undivided.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Hi, y'all. Recognize me?

UPDATE: Video (strange left hand positioning - opening image). Mullen and Mattis; per The Atlantic here, here and the AP, here.

Floyd’s death on May 25 prompted many days of protest in large areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul that included acts of looting, arson and property damage along with peaceful expressions of grief and outrage. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives National Response Team arrived in Minneapolis this week to investigate who was responsible for starting the fires during the riots.

While the unrest has ebbed since the mobilization of thousands of National Guard troops and the imposition of nightly curfews, nonviolent gatherings and activities have continued largely without incident.

[Strib local content, June 4, 2020 - italics added]

FURTHER: Compare: Here, here with here [hat tip Gary Gross].

FURTHER: Does the Mattis and Mullen situation mean that if the Klan were to arise again it would be a civil police matter, not one of a kind that would be "insurrection?" What would be, then? Black folks protesting, but not the Klan? A bonespur boogaloo as insurrection, or not that? How deep is the state, today? How resilient? To what range of pressures? What agency or arm of government does the sounding of state depth as ordinary practice? The Barr battalion? Or some agency whose letters even are top secret? Where is Flynn these days?

Whatever happened to the interim AG, Matthew Whitaker, from Steve King's state, the Daddy Warbucks look-alike? Was he part of the entourage to the bible waving, and was that stunt a message for some subpopulation of the US of A? Inquiring minds wonder.

Where's Bannon? Doing what? Why were Pence and Jarad absent from the bible clutch-and-wave?

FURTHER: It's Colbert's joke but worth repeating, Trump thinking The Posse Comitatus Act means that even with peaceful protesters he can grab 'em by the posse. Another video, starting with the [somewhere maybe] highly respected Bill Barr telling a fairy tale.

FURTHER: Chris Hedges writes of the choice offered us between Biden and Trump - sort of.

FURTHER: Breitbart post's that surrounded by co-idealogues trying to not look too uncomfortable more intentional divisiveness, meanness and disdain is spun by a thug.

FURTHER: Is self-image Trump's problem re protest management?

FURTHER: image source
Bop, bop - bop bop.

FURTHER: Friday, 6/12/20 -- Two images from two sources, Politico, and American Conservative. (Worth reading the text too.) In each, Trump, different hands, looks to be pinching the bible prop between thumb and forefinger, with the other three fingers showing. It does not look like a natural way to hold a book, as an object. Is there more to it than holding his prop in a funny way? After having used compelling force by a cadre of Darth Vader lookalikes to move peacefully protesting citizens aside to enable the stunt? I ask. I am not answering. I am imagining a possibility, only that. Think what you like, readers, but THINK. Last on this update, they say Trump has asked Stephen Miller to write a speech for him about race. Really. Do your own web search if you find that hard to comprehend. To me, it is in character. Roy Cohn died before Trump could ask him to write it.

FURTHER: On the Biden front: Susan Rice is a deal killer. Kamala Harris, more of a deal killer. Stacey Yvonne Abrams would do fine. Elizabeth Warren would, as a VP choice, be both a bright ray of sunshine and a Biden salvation. The Biden cramdown was, itself, a nasty and arrogant thing for the Republican wing of the Democratic Party to engineer and implement. It stunk. It stinks still. Biden is mediocre. Compromised as Ukraine Joe. The arrogance of Bloomberg and the Dem inner party galls so much that instead of voting for Trump out of spite, it would be a sitdown strike; and let losing Dems down ticket deal with bottom up message delivery to the DNC, DCCC and DSCC cramdown thugs, and others.

If the inner party pack is dead set on refusing to fight against the Republicans' long standing war on the poor, what good would voting Dem do? Aside from the spoils seekers, who benefits from that sack of stuff? It would only bake in identity politics, which would be bad for the future. It is the billionaires ripping off the rest of us - old fashion class politics with the elites of both parties wanting to divide and conquer the underprivileged shrinking middle class along with the poor, for the benefit of their consultancies, lobbyists and bankers.

Getting a fair deal for the underrepresented, independent of identity political tensions within the disadvantaged majority, is the only valid answer.

Or just stay home. A sitdown strike. Work on third party needs as the only option they leave US.

In summary, Stacey Abrams or Elizabeth Warren, or forget it.

FURTHER: Back to the Trump bible stunt: RSV is not a favored translation among the GOP's most rabid evangelicals; per MoJo reporting. If you do a stunt, you can do it two ways; the right way or the Trump way. Also the nearest most convenient church is not one of a favored denomination among that same evangelical GOP base. Such Trump insensitivity to truthful detail important to others is nothing new, and probably brought a forced but forgiving smile to practical evangelicals (who, for example, like his judges and tolerate his bloviating).

FURTHER: Back to Biden and his VP gaming: Susan Rice, like the little mayor from South Bend, was a Rhodes Scholar who took a job with McKinsey. Went to a private prep school, then Stanford. Bright, yes like the little mayor; progressive - as much as the little mayor (and Biden). Yes, a cut better than Harris, but so what? There is a gulf between her and Warren on policy favoring the 99% over elitism, and Warren at least faced an electorate and won a Senate seat (a distinction Harris shares, but not Rice). Abrams has her Yale JD degree, and has a sincerity in her progressive belief set. Abrams is not yet as accomplished as Warren, but is younger with more time to make her mark. Barbara Lee is another posslble VP if being black is to be a litmus test and being a progressive is not a deal killer to Joe Biden, himself. Lee, like Warren was not born into wealth, but reached levels of success without distancing herself from her roots and early life experiences. She would be a sound and helpful VP choice, but her name is not mentioned in mainstream coverage, and whether she'd take the job or stay where she is remains unclear - unless/until she may be asked onto the ticket. Bottom line, Abrams or Lee, good; Warren, better. With Harris, why not just offer the spot to Hillary, directly.

FURTHER: So, who is MediaTouch? Who funds them? Who produces their stuff? Dark money has no place in any sane ramp-up to election day. The MediaTouch funding is as dark as any other phony negative advertising political shop. Not as content deficient as Tweeting, but a one minute mud-sling sound bite is less than intelligent discourse. All of those "Gimme a gotcha" DC shops -- Regardless of whose mud, where slung, they suck. - more to this update - Thinking of a Biden-Trump debate or two; hordes will be crying out, "Give us the soundbites." Those two, each in his style, are unpleasant to contemplate. The English language and TV viewers each suffering. For how many will it be watch ten minutes and then apply the used-car test. And the upshot, buy new, a Tesla, despite Elon, who'd perhaps add to a debate if they made him moderator. Or have a nun with a ruler moderate, ready to rap knuckles and challenge departure from dogma, or from discussion of the lesson of the day. A ruler handy to keep each on point and required to speak in complete sentences, Trump under the added burden to not be able to speak the word "beautiful." Balance that with Biden barred from saying "Obama."

FURTHER: Link. This is local coverage of a situation blown out of truthful proportion by hateful DC people at FOX, etc. - including threats and speculative lies from the White House. For which Seattle's mayor said, "Go back in your bunker." And Governor Inslee said the affair is one local to Washington State, which shall handle it as deemed appropriate (outside interference not welcome). Bless thinking people. Peacemakers. A Wikipedia page. MORE: The Stranger has coverage; a CHAZ blog has been put online. A live webcam showing Trump's anarchy. He could walk to church here, but he does not really regularly attend any services. But, truth is more resonant than blarney. Truth is more rational than Tucker Carlson, Hennity, their bozo-tron channel of deceits.

FURTHER: You get Trump bloviating, and this Mpls based misperception of Seattle events. Compare sampling from this lengthy actual man-on-the-street mini-documentary visit to the CHAZ area, where people are peaceful, but determined to see a better tomorrow. It's kind of boring to my view, but it most certainly is not violent nor threatening in any fashion to the boarded up cop shop or the neighborhood. FOX lies aside, sample that item, and get real. The fact is the Seattle police walked back earlier false claims of CHAZ area businesses being "extorted." That assertion was pure falsehood. Gary may have missed that walk-back, and is generally careful, so he may have believed Trump or Tucker/Hennity horseshit representations of "fact" without delving further. The violence during earlier days came from the militarized policing, and when the heavy badges were drawn out of an area that allowed the protests peace, the protests were peaceful from that point onward.

Lesson learned? Don't trust anything Trump says as one good lesson, but what else? That Trump incites violence? Yes, but beyond that, well motivated people wanting CHANGE did not get it from Obama/Biden, but remain well motivated; and that racist killer cops are unwelcome in any sane community as not in any way part of any solution to racism, and on . . .

FURTHER: Trump being the snake he is.

FURTHER: Aside from that snake move, ground enough to oppose the clown's reelection, there are two overlapping items, DWT, and WaPo reporting, on how the Trump mirror of nasty Nixon is a brand causing discontent among those who protest and those with the moral compass to support the protesters - among the young - and what that may mean long term. In the DWT item Trump is likened to Strom Thurmond (where the DWT author could not resist a Thurmond photo with his protege, Biden). The hope - Kent State/Jackson State murders by National Guardsmen which stifled the resolve of my pre-Boomer and Boomer generation will not be done to these young idealists; despite Trump wanting exactly that brutal stand-on-their-throats step, but with sane men and women this time saying "NO!" One reader comment to the DWT item:

It's clear to this Boomer that the torch has been passed. I wish them great success in doing what my generation failed to do: make this planet a better place for all to live on.

Amen! And for more emphasis you can wave a bible around on that score, with a forced scowling frown, were you crass and tone deaf enough to do something that patently stupid and offensive to the nation and the world. As then, the whole world is watching.

He did not pray, he came to pose. Upset citizens were teargassed so he could. Photos never showed him opening the bible prop he held. He does not read anyway. He watches TV and tweets. He's a disaster, but, Joe Biden? How awful a choice? [UPDATED: where within the string of updating the final item is most resonant].

Asshole in Chief. The entire world sees racists elected a total asshole. Guardian, across an ocean, sees truth.

Strib, carrying the AP feed on the rebuke of Trump's disgraceful disrespect for actual religious values.

The son-of-a-bitch acts as if he's the Wizard of Oz, and should stop and be a human being, if he can. Guardian, here, the 8:36 am entry on dissembling by the Dissembler in Chief.

He is a disgrace to the entire nation. A total charlatan and inept huckster. And proud to be an illiterate wreck of a human being.

And then there is Mike Pence.

And then there is Joe Biden. The meanness and wholly bought character of Dem inner party decision makers exposed.

No wonder people are in revolt in the streets. Trump's earned it.

UPDATE: The meanness and wholly bought character of Dem inner party decision makers exposed.

FURTHER: Cornel West.

FURTHER: AP, via a Strib carry.

FURTHER: Tone deafness. In the extreme! Equal idiocy.

FURTHER: Politico, here. Clyburn, here. What do you see in the photo Politico uses? Biden will dither. It is his nature. When he should seize today. I like that Politico photo and the allegiance Warren and Clyburn have formed, finding common ground. Talking with each other. Biden's earlier gaff, about passing things on to another younger generation aside, he wants to win and will meet his betters half way out of that ambition. Fun to watch? Warren is agreeable to a second spot on the ticket which is a step further than Biden may deserve. With Trump having totally discredited himself by trying to bully his way out of George Floyd complications and implications, he only needs a slight push to out the door. Biden alone, being too slight.

FURTHER: More Politico, from two days ago, "Minneapolis unrest shakes up VP shortlist - Law-and-order credentials suddenly lose their luster in wake of outrage and unrest over police brutality." The item looks past Klobuchar, at black female politicians Kamala Harris [prosecutor] and Val Demings [police chief]. Harris, we know, another conservative like Biden, with Demings a "New Democrat" which is NOT a progressive stamp, by any sane measure. Cut from the same cloth as Biden and the Clintons. The Atlantic in 2015 published:

When Demings first ran for Congress in 2012, discussion of her tenure leading the OPD tended to start and stop at one statistic: a 43.6 percent drop in violent crime from 2007 to 2011, according to FBI reports. But over the last year, a string of highly publicized shootings and violent arrests of African Americans by police has changed the criteria that voters and the media use to judge officeholders on law enforcement.

The growing focus on police misconduct highlights less agreeable aspects of Demings’s time helming the Orlando Police Department from 2007 to 2011.

The department has a long record of excessive-force allegations, and a lack of transparency on the subject, dating back at least as far as Demings’s time as chief. From 2010 to 2014, the department paid out more than $3.3 million in damages following at least 47 lawsuits alleging false arrest, excessive force, and other complaints against the department’s officers, according to WFTV. (Records about these cases and other allegations of police misconduct in Orlando are not centrally housed or publicized, and some lawsuits are still outstanding.)

“This has been a problem for a while, through her administration and others. The problem is the leadership of the department,” said Lawanna Gelzer, president of the National Action Network’s Central Florida chapter. “… She’s not going to get my vote.”

Demings declined to comment on her record as police chief. Her campaign referred questions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which also did not comment.

Demings has not spoken out about criminal justice since she announced her 2016 congressional run, but it will be hard to avoid. Before she became a candidate, she became a recurring guest discussing police news on MSNBC, where she highlighted her efforts to improve relations between her police department and city residents.

The only potential female VP Clyburn has put the kibosh on, so far, is Klobuchar.

Seeing Demings as an MSNBC favorite talking head means the bullshit meter unpegs from zero and starts moving. Biden's backing by Comcast money [MSNBC's owner] has been covered. Demings' ducking the police brutality and disproportionate incarceration issue [the mushrooming of black men being incarcerated after passage of the 1994 crime bill] by Demings back in 2015 is before the Floyd situation.

Harris has attempted a record redefinition. Will Demings? Also, reporting that Demings was referring questions to the DCCC suggests a closeness to that Cheri Bustos cesspool.

FURTHER: CNN coverage of the process of gassing of orderly protesting Americans to allow Trump to do a church/bible super-dumb photo-op; because he could.

It's the Tyler Durden in him. What is interesting: Neither Pence nor Jarad went near that crass stunt.

FURTHER: There is irony in the use of instant overwhelming force including chemical munitions to herd and remove regular orderly citizens exercising calmly their First Amendment rights to peacefully demonstrate together, so that the Idiot in Chief could stand in front of cameras next to a sign saying, "ALL ARE WELCOME." He overstepped reasonable bounds, and has to go.

[FURTHER: a gramatical glich or two and misspelling of the Demings name were corrected from the previous version of this post]

FURTHER: This complaint of a civil rights violation investigation was announced today, June 2, 2020, by the Governor. Tim Walz is a veteran who served in Congress, and while likely disturbed by the Trump threat to unleash the nation's armed services against the nation's people on the nation's homeland soil, this step was within the Governor's powers and duty; as an internal matter to the State of Minnesota (and involving events wholly within State boundaries). There is concurrent state and federal jurisdiction and no lawful basis of federal preemption to it. An in-state situation, investigated under normal procedures, under Minnesota administrative and substantive law.

-- close the thread --

Monday, June 01, 2020

The one poor bastard. They left him standing, no place to kneel. Too bad George Floyd was not a foot taller.

And they never let him have a turn. Which police academy trained them to not let the fourth guy have his turn. Training in selfishness? Or like musical chairs?

Do the chest cams have audio? These are four really, really sick people. What discussion occured? Put another way, Kroll has got to go.

HYPOTHETICAL: If you were on your stomach, hands behind your back, and they put six hundred pounds of composted steer manure on your chest, legs, neck, and butt, could you breathe?

Having cam footage from that side it looks worse although you cannot see the facial expressions. The cam footage where the neck kneeler's face appeared contorted with rage, hate, something told that part of the story.

There is no place in any civilized society for these sicko assholes. They've got the Kroll disease. Would you want your brother handled that way by purported civil servants? Your father? Your spouse? Your child? Your worse enemy?

Bob Kroll, publicly termed by his former Chief "a disgrace to the badge" has no shame. City Pages: "Bob Kroll plans to 'fight for jobs' of cops who killed George Floyd; June 1, 2020". The four in that above photo. He believes they should have their jobs back. To continue policing as they have. That is so gross you want be believe the story was made up, that nobody could be so Kroll-sick. Who'd ever even want to be associated with the likes of Kroll? Only a real sicko.

“There have been recent developments in the facts of the case where the help and expertise of the Attorney General would be valuable,” Freeman said in a statement.

The headline to this post is paragraph 6 of this Strib item stating that the Minnesota Attorney General will be leading inquiry into police conduct re George Floyd's death, and will be prosecuting as necessary.  Facts are always fun to see unfolded and explained. Facts are what a jury deliberates. Facts can reach far and wide, or be narrowed with precision, a matter of professional  judgment.

Facts might or might not reach to Bob Kroll conduct in the course of an expected thorough investigation, the Strib report stating:

He continued that he had reached out to Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka to discuss deploying more Minnesota National Guard troops on city streets, and has spoken with other law enforcement leaders across the country to “push our messaging on a national level.”

The FBI is doing a parallel denial-of-civil-rights investigation, and agents should quiz Gazelka about any/all such conversations he's had over time with Kroll; and wtf did Kroll mean by "push our messaging on a national level?" Who = "our" and what "messaging?"

Lift every rock. This Strib report stated in part:

Earlier Sunday, state officials said several caches of flammable materials were found both in neighborhoods where there have already been fires and “in cars we’ve stopped as recently as this morning,” said John Harrington, state public safety commissioner. Some of the caches look like they may have been planted days ago and some only in the last 24 hours or so, he said.

Police are also finding stolen vehicles with plates removed that are being used to transport the flammable materials. Looted goods and weapons also have been found in the stolen cars, he said.

“The fact that we’ve seen so many of them in so many places now makes us believe that this is part of that pattern that shows that this in fact an organized activity and not some random act of rage,” he said.

One person pulled over in Bloomington while driving a plate-less car attempted to “douse the car itself and set it on fire,” which is “not something you see on most traffic stops,” Harrington said.

These individuals stopped were "messaging" in a sense, so who are they and who do they talk with? Facts are thinly reported.

Strib again, third separate item:

“As a part of a thorough investigation, BCA Agents are requesting authorization to obtain personnel files to include pre-employment psychological records, all training records, and internal affairs files for the above listed officers,” Lund wrote in another warrant. Investigators also sought access to the officers’ lockers at the Third Precinct station.

June 4 updating - Two questions come to mind. First, if there was an alleged phony twenty dollar bill, someone still has that in possession. If no such item can now be found, what's up? From video, first officers on the scene before Floyd was confronted went into the Cup Foods store upon arrival. Presumably checking validity of claim of a bad bill, and presumably taking possession of it as evidence, if it really existed. Where is it now? Is it "lost?" Presumably required procedure would have body cams activated at the point of officers exiting their auto, onward.

Second, why was Chauvin keeping his left hand in his left pants pocket as the video showed while kneeling on Floyd's neck with his left knee, and on Floyd's chest with the right knee? It is strange he did not keep both hands free.

These are details, but details might matter. If no actual fake bill existed, there was no probable cause even to confront Floyd, etc., etc. Store personnel testimony will doubtlessly be part of investigation results.

Yes, truth can filter through, or rephrased, I agree with what you say but not with how you say it.

Guardian did a photo collage slide-show in its reporting, here. One image in the sequence caught my attention:

click image to enlarge

From the trees and buildings, it could be the Stanford campus.

In honor of the young lady's sensibility and ability, I did this websearch.

Trump's bone of contention with ANTIFA rests on his being strongly of the "FA" inclination.

Trained in McCarthyism by McCarthy's henchperson, Roy Cohn. Roy scapegoated communists, Roy tutored Trump, and dad Fred had a role in things a time ago with Roy and Donald as a troika.

History does teach.

I wonder if the woman in the photo of socially distanced white protesters safely located is or was in a sorority. Her major? Her prep school? Her ambitions?

Her message? After acknowledging its truth, I wonder how far Mike Bloomberg would go in agreement. The suspicion is Bloomberg would agree with the situational chance to dis ANTIFA. Beyond that, what? Critical of stern police practices? Mikey? Don't hold your breath waiting for Mike B. to ever speak out against heavy badges. WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Puzzling Evidence. A true story?

Stuff. Zero Hedge. DWT. Hating Twitter, I find this thread necessitating linking.

Comic relief. (Back then when the film was in production Trump would not take the role.)


ACISA told German broadcaster DW last week that the company was "confident that our lithium project will be resumed after a phase of political calmness and clarification."

The headline is the closing paragraph here. Just a minor coup to grease the skids, and if only Syria/Assad had been so easy.

The story is not current, but lithium coups are rare, and when batteries using that Bolivian lithium are sold and start running, that will be a current event.

The upshot of George Floyd's murder - the Bob Kroll species of policing is past its pull date. [UPDATED]

Kroll and his ilk need to be fired. The power to fire as needed must be put into any further police union contract.

Untouchable has to not be the regular course from now, onward.

The job pays well and there will be men and women to take it, the opening, when each bad one is weeded out.

Respect should be for character and conduct and reliability; not fear as a surrogate for any respect.

But consider, how many Sackler family murdering sociopaths are in jail? Where they can reflect and repent. Right. Not one.

The society has to readjust values and rules. The boot or knee on the throat is less than fair government.

Larry Ellison, Mike Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet - each holding much and chasing more wealth and related power is wrong and needs to be fixed.

Worldwide, globalization will happen. It can happen as a fair thing, or more of the same. Neo-feudalism has no real charm, so why is it being foisted off on us?

Mitchell McConnell and Charles Schumer are proof term limits are needed and rigid control of political spending must at the same time be implemented so that turnover is refreshing and invigorated rather than more of the same.

Unrest will never end. However, its causes being done away with will make unrest less a part of every individual's life, all for the good of the planet and its people. Green New Deal and such are fine, but population control - refusing overpopulating a finite planet is needed, however it can most fairly be implemented. Nastiness toward labor is simply wrong, and needs fixing.

Law and order as a catch phrase to mean keeping underprivileged people in check, rather than spreading privilege fairly, that law and order will fail. Decent law likely would result in decent human order; if only decent law were ever put in place.

Think it all over. As one nearing life's end by aging, the burden and duty shifts from my age group in Congress to something better, if those younger can "handle the deets." Those younger, worldwide - good luck trying. Greed kills.

Right now a sensible rule for US is to distrust anyone in a business suit or a comparable uniform of oppression, the more expensive the label, the greater degree of distrust earned. With that a point some can disagree with, one truth is nature will get even. The planet will win. Species come and go.

The Hill - here and here.

Compare Gary Gross, recent blogging.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Gestapo tactics promoted outside of official channels by agitators on the MPD force - chickens coming home to roost.

Living in Ramsey, with little racial mixed occupancy, the exurbs turning to outer suburbs, police here are well disciplined public servants, and badges do not weigh heavy. One police encounter years ago, speeding, was handled professionally and there is gratitude in being left with a warning, not a ticket, after a driver's license and insurance check; no outstanding warrants or other cause to detain; all detail of that incident has to be representative of a force well disciplined, top down; bottom up. A force not predicated on fear and mayhem, no "warrior training" bullshit, but sound civic management in practice and in theory.

But white MPD cops terrorizing the black community has led to reaping what was sown. Mayor Frey now has the mandate he should exercise quickly to begin his upcoming cleaning of the force, and in advance we can thank him for what he will do. He will take on Bob Kroll's incitement and affection for Gestapo policing tactics, to better the city permanently after unrest lessens.

It was already past time before, but Frey lacked strong community backing.

After the spectacle of Gestapo-style murder in front of citizens with smart phones, the world saw. How much before this - 1968 in Chicago, Kent State's and Jackson State's unprosecuted Guard murders, the list goes on - how much would have led to lasting reform, were the technology to document and show misconduct available then?

LA Times published a 50 yr "retrospective op-ed in 2018. source of the above screen capture

Politico, 2017:

The violence even spilled over to the convention hall, as guards roughed up some delegates and members of the press. Writer Terry Southern described the convention hall as “exactly like approaching a military installation; barbed-wire, checkpoints, the whole bit.” CBS correspondents Mike Wallace and Dan Rather were roughed up by security guards — Wallace was punched in the face. Both incidents were broadcast live on television.

For the rest of the convention week, violence followed the pattern set at its start. An exception: protesters were joined on Aug. 28 by the Poor People's Campaign, led by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Ralph Abernathy. This group had a permit and was split off from other demonstrators before being allowed to proceed to the amphitheater.

On the convention floor, several delegates assailed Daley and the police. Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (D-Conn.) denounced the use of “Gestapo tactics on the streets of Chicago” in his speech nominating Sen. George McGovern (D-S.D.) for president. Television cameras captured Daley, who was seated up front on the convention floor with the Illinois delegation, mouthing an obscenity at Ribicoff.

When Daley subsequently sought to justify the police action at a news conference, he said: “The policeman isn’t there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder.” In 1996, when the Democrats next held their presidential convention in Chicago, some police officers still on the force wore T-shirts proclaiming, “We kicked their father’s butt in '68 and now it’s your turn.”

Subsequently, the Walker Report to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence assigned blame for the mayhem in the streets to the police force, calling the violence a “police riot.” Nevertheless, the so-called Chicago Eight were arrested on charges of conspiring to incite the violence. Their trial was held in Chicago in 1969, sparking waves of violent protests in the city.

Bless Abe Ribicoff. If cops don't learn, they need to be taught. The badge must be respected as an honor to hold, and not a license to intimidate. When the likes of provocateur Bob Kroll are tolerated one inch, the present chaos is the crop thus sown.

The story is really simple: Ramsey cops, good. Kroll cops, bad.

End of story.

UPDATE: Were my encounters with police over time since childhood different, non-benign, it would traumatize - read this to understand. FURTHER. Go figure.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Amy must have had staff rewrite over and over until they came up with something tepid and dumpling-soft enough that Amy would tweet it about George Floyd's murder by a rouge cop with three other cops letting it happen, as "bystanders" in control of other bystanders who wanted the murder in progress to stop. She has been said to have staff live up to her own standards, which some say is demanding and hard on staff, but she and staff came up this time, however long it took, with insultingly tepid output, for certain. [UPDATED: Klobuchar ticket hopes dimming; Strib even sticking a fork in it after touting in the past via local content, using AP now, as part of the sorry-Charlie message.]

click to enlarge and read - source link

Thomas Neuburger at the DWT blog wrote such an excellent analysis that readers should access the original; to read, and think:

Neuburger's post spanned a range of thinking, with only a part of a segment excerpted:

2. From George Floyd to Derek Chauvin to Amy Klobuchar

On May 25, this happened (account courtesy of the Minneapolis Police Department):

On Monday evening, shortly after 8:00 pm, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department responded to the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South on a report of a forgery in progress. Officers were advised that the suspect was sitting on top of a blue car and appeared to be under the influence.

Two officers arrived and located the suspect, a male believed to be in his 40s, in his car. He was ordered to step from his car. After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance where he died a short time later.

At no time were weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident.

That’s copspeak for “we murdered a guy and it’s not our fault.” Here’s what really happened (emphasis added):

The latest example of America’s racist police brutality problem was caught on camera in Minneapolis Monday, as Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on 46-year-old African-American George Floyd’s neck for over seven minutes until he passed out and died. In its headline on its website, Minneapolis police described the event as “man dies after medical incident during police interaction,” [... ]

Amy Klobuchar is directly connected to this “officer-involved death” via her history with Officer Derek Chauvin:

[A]s the state’s chief prosecutor between 1999 and 2007 … [Klobuchar] declined to bring charges against more than two dozen officers who had killed citizens while on duty – including against Chauvin himself, who shot and killed Wayne Reyes in 2006 and would later go on to shoot more civilians while in uniform.

[...] If you’ve heard stories of how brutal Klobuchar is to staff, consider this a deadly extension of that conscienceless pattern. Definitely not the “Minnesota-nice,” unobjectionable candidate her image-makers in the press would have believe she is.

[bolding and links in original] Over a year ago WaPo published about Klobuchar's record as prosecutor, Neuburger linked to it, here.

She and Minnesota's junior Senator, Tina Smith, have backed an amendment to other legislation (to a defense policy bill!) favorable to foreign owned mining interests against the will and hope of Minnesota environmentalists wanting the threat and history of sulfide mining disaster to have no place in Minnesota (while at least one Minnesota DFL politician got it right in a legislative proposal dead set against the interests the Smith Amendment served). So, bad on wilderness future risk, she and Tina are both "Schumer Democrats." "Bloomberg Democrats," being a comparable characterization viewed at Crabgrass as appropriate. (Counter-progressive - anti-environment - overwhelmed by hubris and chutzpah being the message.)

Unfit for a presidential ticket being the conclusion. Opinions can differ. One wonders if Rep. Clyburn of South Carolina would favorably view a Klobuchar VP choice by Biden. I have been told her father was a good sports writer for a statewide newspaper, giving the Senator name recognition from day one of her choosing to become a career politician. Wow! Gee! And all.

Not leaving it there. Because Neuburger's DWT post covered so much more in a thoughtful way, closing before linking there again would be remiss.

Try this link to get a single source/item on the story of mining threatening a Wilderness unique in our nation - aptly titled:

------------4:46 PM 5/29/2020--------------

Strib link:

Biden ally sees Klobuchar as less likely Biden running mate
By ALAN FRAM Associated Press
May 29, 2020 — 6:08pm

WASHINGTON — Sen. Amy Klobuchar seems a less likely choice to become Joe Biden's running mate on his presidential ticket following this week's death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis, a key ally of the former vice president said Friday.

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., told reporters that while he believes Klobuchar is “absolutely” qualified to be vice president, “This is very tough timing for her.”

Klobuchar, D-Minn., was a prosecutor years ago in the county that includes Minneapolis. As she was leaving the post to join the Senate, an officer involved in this week’s death of George Floyd was involved in the death of another man. The officer ultimately was not prosecuted.

Clyburn, who said his view was his “gut feeling,” played a pivotal role in helping Biden become the party’s all-but-certain presidential nominee. Clyburn is the No. 3 House Democratic leader and Congress’ highest-ranking black lawmaker.

“So often in politics, timing really dictates things, Barack Obama I don’t think could have gotten elected four years before he got elected," Clyburn said of the former president during a conference call. “And I don’t know whether he could get elected today.”

[...] Clyburn helped revive Biden’s badly flagging presidential campaign earlier this year, lifting him to a decisive triumph in a South Carolina primary in which large numbers of voters were black. That fueled a Biden run to a string of victories in other state contests that resulted in his becoming the party’s presumptive nominee.

Before being elected to the Senate in 2006, Klobuchar, who is white, was prosecutor of Minnesota's largest county, which includes Minneapolis.

While Klobuchar was in that job, more than two dozen citizens died during encounters with police but none of the officers involved were criminally charged. Most victims were people of color, according to data compiled by Communities United Against Police Brutality and news articles reviewed by the AP.

An officer involved in one of the past fatal incidents was Derek Chauvin, who was arrested and charged Friday in this week's death of Floyd.

Even a single failure to prosecute Chauvin a few years ago was one two many. Amy, meet Derek. He's your opposite Angel to Dan White for Diane Feinstein.


__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Three others. At the federal level a RICO count should be filed, Bob Kroll subpoenaed to testify under oath about union-endorsed ongoing patterns of protecting and shading reports to aid miscreants, if any such pattern exists. Perhaps a force wide legacy? Every rock should be turned, any toxic critters suitably handled when found beneath any rock. Federal prosecutors have stretched RICO count usage to where such a count here and in this instance should survive a dismissal motion.

Floyd's family deserves at least as pecuniary a settlement as when the white Aussie woman was cop-gunned down - without intent to injure in that instance, and with a force newbie shooter then, not a two decade veteran with a record, as now.

_______FURTHER UPDATE________
People get angry. Because Black Lives Do Matter. People loot and it's wrong, but look how billionaires and hedge fund operators take and take; there is a scale to everything. Proportionately, looting vs rigging the oil market, where is the bigger thievery, the greater public harm?

______FURTHER UPDATE_________
In a civilized way France faced the yellow-vest anniversary with little bloodshed [as a bet deathfree].Watch Twin Cities development and think. Remember Kent State and Jackson State and think.

Yet the yellow-vest demonstrations continue, those people having a cohesion that was perhaps unanticipated by the Macron folks, who in turn have a nasty tenacity which civilized people had not foreseen. A badge is not a license to kill.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
6:43 AM 5/30/2020 -------------
RICO count: Bob Kroll and the ultra-meanness of MPD - civilian confrontation, via the officially banned "warrior" training organized defiance of the government set rules, by the union - Kroll having at relevant times having headed that union - all that is and should be getting attention.

Training assassination methods to those trusted to carry a badge is a perversion. Starting from there, what is the pervasiveness of the Kroll attitude, how did it lead to what was done to George Floyd; and mainly, what is the liability? Can Kroll be an accessory? With criminal liability? Can a civil suit seek to gain a seven figure civil liability judgment against Kroll for that so-called "training" which seems to be creation and perpetration of barbaric "policing" practices against official civilian control of those paid well and allowed the carrying of a badge?

Websearch. First returned item, MoJo.

To the extent such Gestapo-like "training" exists among MPD factions, which it appears to, four perps were fired, but fire Kroll too. MoJo, May 28, 2020, headlining plus, following an image of the perp, the MoJo reporting:

Crime and Justice - May 28, 2020
Minneapolis Banned Warrior-Style Police Training. Its Police Union Kept Offering It Anyway.
The union’s resistance to reform is coming under renewed scrutiny after the killing of George Floyd.

George Floyd’s killing on Monday at the hands of a white police officer is sparking intense scrutiny of the Minneapolis Police Department—an institution long plagued by allegations of misconduct and racist abuse—and the controversial restraint tactic that led to Floyd being suffocated to death while pinned to the ground, as he repeatedly told officers he could no longer breathe.

While an investigation is underway over the use of the chokehold in Floyd’s death, it’s worth taking a look at the “warrior-style” police training that for years had been popular with the city’s top police union. For the unfamiliar, the training, as we reported in 2017, generally espouses a “killology” vision of law enforcement that’s frequently likened to “fear porn.” Experts say the training, which has been linked to high profile police-related killings around the country, including Philando Castille’s 2016 shooting death, also in Minnesota, often runs the risk of the use of unnecessary, and sometimes, fatal force:

This approach to policing is outdated and ineffective, says Stoughton, and, “some of it is dangerously wrong.” Samuel Walker, a criminal-justice professor and expert on police accountability, says the “Bulletproof Warrior” approach is “okay for Green Berets but unacceptable for domestic policing. The best police chiefs in the country don’t want anything to do with this.”

Citing the “killology” mentality, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey ultimately banned the training last year but the move infuriated Minneapolis Police Union President Lt. Bob Kroll. Shortly after the decision was announced, Kroll called the ban illegal and said that the union would continue to make the training available to any interested officers. “It’s not about killing, it’s about surviving,” Kroll said at the time.


[linking in original, italics added] "Fear porn?" "Killology?" Only a sicko would go there, Kroll has, and George Floyd is dead.

Connect the dots. Kroll needs to be fired, as a start to actual reform, not as a final page.

When Kroll defied orders back when told to can the crap, he should have been fired then. He's overdue to be fired. The man is a clear and present danger, where he and that ilk within the department need attention. And dismissal. Each. Every. Muck the entire stable. The question at the margin - accessorial liability for Kroll, a need to be imprisoned for George Floyd's death, or would that be overreaching? (A consideration is or would be personal safety of a "fear porn" cop incarcerated within a violent population, disproportionately black; Kroll not deserving a death sentence, at least not via that indirect way.)

MoJo reporting continued beyond the quoted beginning; and again other reporting was returned via the websearch. MoJo cites its reporting was there in 2017, met by officialdom's inattention. CBSlocal covered the question in the spring of 2019. With no reform [Kroll still on payroll]. Now?

In the vernacular, Kroll and minions of "super badge heavy" cops. Head of the snake, all that.

FINALLY: An FBI inquiry into sicko permeation within the MPD - into a pervasive culture of excessive force as a denial of citizen civil rights - might start with members of Wardlow's cadre:

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Sixties term "pig" comes to mind.

Link. A worse thing? Three other cops were fired. There was no even lukewarm attempt to intercede to prevent the clearly flagrant and entirely wilful, act of intentional criminal murder from happening. Three. Without giving a shit. Accessorial liability is the term. This level of conduct is a crime against not only one handcuffed black man, but a crime against all humanity. Brutal bastards with badges is not acceptable. Not ever.

What would Doug Wardlow say?

Amy Klobuchar was a "law and order" campaigner for county attorney and during her multiple sequential terms in office it appears not a single cop was reported to have gone to jail for assault or other misconduct against persons from the public. (However, reports of settled civil actions were found in web searching.) In Biden's vetting, don't just count her teeth and examine her medical records to see she'd not croak in office. Look at her record - per websearch, Politico, Roll Call, and this from Strib:

But the national media spotlight on her time as Hennepin County Attorney has not always been flattering, with civil rights activists questioning the prosecution of a black teenager in a notorious Minneapolis child slaying and a series of 30 police-involved deaths without a single prosecution.

Both issues have put her on the defensive in an age of strained police relations in minority communities, particularly as she ramps up a national campaign and seeks the support of black voters in states like South Carolina, [... where subsequent to the report being posted she and others dropped out in favor of Biden against Bernie instead of trying].

This week, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman defended Klobuchar for the conviction of Myon Burrell in the 2002 killing of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards, a case that has come under new scrutiny in an Associated Press investigation. Klobuchar herself has called for the case to be reviewed for new evidence.

See also current Twin Cities news, here. Current County Attorney Freeman, (above, reportedly defending Klobuchar's record), needs to be viewed in context of the mayor wondering while the prosecutor, Freeman, so far is not jailing any of the four fired police force perps.

That the Floyd murder happened has the history of a dearth of police prosecutions during Klobuchar years as a context for police attitude and conduct now, as continuity of then, i.e., accountability being lax now, as then. (Recall Bloomberg's getting heat over encouraging questionable New York police tactics while in office, that being suggested as a major black mark against his service as mayor.)

Klobuchar is not a Doug Wardlow, she has character above that low a standard, and would never use Bob Kroll as a campaigning prop. She's completely honest, not a bribe taker, but she's not appearing to have a single progressive bone in her body. And proud of it. She'd sink a Biden ticket. Politico noted:

2020 ELECTIONS - Black activists warn Biden: Don't pick Klobuchar as VP - The Minnesota senator and former prosecutor has problems with communities of colors that another top white contender, Elizabeth Warren, does not.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar performed abysmally among black voters in the Democratic primary. It’s haunting her now as Joe Biden decides on a running mate.

The Minnesota Democrat has the governing experience and ideological profile to mesh well with Biden, [...] But more than a dozen black and Latino strategists and activists warned in interviews that selecting Klobuchar would not help Biden excite black voters — and might have the opposite effect. Klobuchar would “risk losing the very base the Democrats need to win,” said Aimee Allison, founder of She the People, which promotes women of color in politics. They pointed to Klobuchar’s poor performance among nonwhite voters during the presidential primary, as well as her record as a prosecutor in Minnesota.

It’s not yet clear how much the opposition of activists matters to Biden. He's made clear that the electoral politics of his pick matter less than choosing someone who can be a governing partner and step into the top job without worry.

But the vocal contingent of African American and Latino detractors — many of whom said they would prefer that Biden select a black woman as a running mate — is unique to Klobuchar; Elizabeth Warren, another top contender for VP, doesn’t elicit similar antagonism from communities of color.

"It comes from her performance in the primary — her weakness in being able to motivate them," said Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of BlackPAC, who supports several potential vice presidential selections. “The engagement and the enthusiasm of black voters is going to be a difference-maker in this election, and the concerns about her in this role stem from the degree to which she resonated or not with those core constituencies.”

Earlier this week, Biden confirmed that "multiple black women [are] being considered" for vice president.

George Floyd's murder as current news surely is no help to any ambition Klobuchar may have of being on a presidential ticket.

Progressives have to wonder about her being part of the dropout of Beto, her, and the South Bend mayor on the eve of the South Carolina primary at the time Clyburn endorsed Biden. Her being part of that intentional strategy of screwing Bernie was no favor to progressives.

That's a bottom line you can take to the bank. Harris as another former prosecutor reported to be in consideration with the Biden handlers checks the black woman of a generation younger than Biden box, however, in comparison Klobuchar is not a glib phony - what you see is what you get, with Amy.

Harris with that "I'mthat little girl" sandbagging crap in the one debate really then told the world who she is. It was news then and is evidence against Harris now. At Crabgrass, a Biden-Klobuchar ticket is viewed as superior to a Biden-Harris ticket. But that's faint praise. As in saying she's no Doug Wardlow. True but basically unimpressive, indeed, barely complementary.

It's not what you know, it's who you know?

Daily Beast

Trump Donor Hired Trump-Tied Lobbyists, Then Raked in Coronavirus Relief Cash

[...] Bennett himself is a huge Trump donor. He’s given over $200,000 to the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and a joint fundraising committee supporting both of them since last year, according to Federal Election Commission records. He chipped in even more in support of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Twelve days before Bennett wrote that open letter, Ashford had beefed up its political muscle even more. It hired its first-ever Washington lobbying firm, Miller Strategies. That firm is run by Jeff Miller, who was a finance vice-chair of President Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee. He has raised more than $2.8 million for the RNC and a Trump joint fundraising committee so far this cycle, including $2.5 million in the first quarter of 2020 alone, according to FEC filings. Miller’s firm also employs Jonathan Hiller, the former director of legislative affairs for Vice President Mike Pence, and Ashley Gunn, Trump’s former director of cabinet affairs.

Miller’s lobbying registration form said it would be working on “issues as they relate to the hotel industry” on Ashford’s behalf. He didn’t respond to inquiries about whether he helped the company secure PPP aid.

Miller’s work on Ashford’s behalf shows how some large companies have attempted to leverage political connections into a greater share of the massive amounts of federal money being doled out to mitigate the economic damage caused by the coronavirus. It also shows how some large chains have attempted to maximize their assistance from the PPP program by treating each of their franchises as a separate business, enabling awards to multiple firms owned by the same parent company.

On the same day that Ashford hired Miller, it inked a separate lobbying deal with another Trump-connected firm. Bailey Strategic Advisors is run by Roy Bailey, a Trump fundraiser who served as finance chair of pro-Trump super PAC America First Action and on the board of an affiliated dark money group, America First Policies.

Bailey’s firm was more specific about what it would be doing on Ashford’s behalf, saying in lobbying registration forms that it would work on “issues related to COVID-19 relief for the hotel industry.”

News of the $53 million in PPP funds that Ashford eventually received—more than any other company—has fueled criticism this week of the large amounts of money from the program steered to large firms, ostensibly at the expense of smaller ones. The PPP program is set to get another $300 billion injection after its initial funds were depleted in a matter of days.

“As small businesses are struggling across the country, it’s still mega-donors first for Donald Trump and his administration,” said Jeb Fain, a spokesman for the Democratic super PAC American Bridge, in a statement on Ashford’s work in securing PPP funds. “Hardworking Americans deserve better than a president more focused on special favors than managing a major crisis.”

Related Beast coverage, here, with links Susan Collin might have preferred omitted.

Rhetorical question?


Trump "demanded" churches be open over the Memorial Day weekend.

image source

Also, hat tip to Daily Beast. The BI caption does indicate the photo is from Sunday, May 24.

What is downright amazing - that the man can golf at all, with disabling bone spurs. (Apart from any "morbid obesity" commentary from Speaker of the House, he likely uses a cart and does not walk eighteen holes carrying his bag of clubs; thereby minimizing bone spur pain. Still, in the rough a lot can be demanding.)

Monday, May 25, 2020

What if Biden had told a progressive radio host, “You’ve got more questions? Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t progressive.”


It seems likely that black voters have been treated by the Democratic donor class the same way as progressives; if you don't like our cramdown, where you gonna go, Jack? That being what progressives have had to swallow for years. Now blacks are feeling the same we got you cornered brand. Biden merely articulated a pervasive mood among inner party Democrats and their handling donors.

Progressives should bristle as much over the insult sting that comment carried for black people as if it were with one word substitution a dismissal of their dismay.

Last, usage: black vs. African American. I vividly recall days of "Black is Beautiful," and the current movement is not calling itself, "African American lives matter." Black lives do matter. Either categorical usage works.

What galls is the presumtiveness of what Biden said. Progressives are unsure of how much lesser evil time and again being the mindset they bump against. A big question is how much of that can they can put up with, time and again, and the Biden camp needs to address the feeling or be the Hillary clone suffering the Hillary fate.

Ditto for black voters who do not rotely take marching orders from Rep. Clyburn, but want to be shown more actual love and regard. Medicare for All has as part of its beauty and simplicity its universality; favoring blacks, progressives, indeed, all others who've not enjoyed their due respect - Their slice of the pie - Their part of any "American Dream" not a lying nightmare.

UPDATE: And don't bother to think substituting that corporatist nightmare Cuomo. Foisting that load might seem a glib option. However, it will not work. You genius inner party Tom Perez types gotta do better or watch Trump's four more years. You've torpedoed a better man in favor of Biden, made your bed, so lie in it.

Aside from gender, is there one actual difference between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton?

It is a question every person intending to vote in November needs to answer.

Each, even, has/will pick a VP candidate of the other gender.


Is Trump really so bad that a mind cannot see Joe Biden as no different?

UPDATE: Found one difference. Ukraine Joe, relatively speaking, is a lightweight.

But each got the endorsement. Presumably this cycle a prime-time convention speech time bloc has been committed to already, as last cycle. The difference?

Friday, May 22, 2020

Were you to test positive for Covid-19, who'd know and how long would that knowledge stay held?

AP reports something to obviously be expected, but had you thought "Who'd know"?

As a hypothetical: If a swab is taken for testing, would one expect it is only for Covid-19 testing, with no DNA profile of you also taken for entry into a forensic data base for later testing against DNA from a crime scene or in some criminal investigation? If one swab fits all, and say you left a leaflet at some protest but personally got away, would there be a search for a DNA match against leaflet fingering residue? Part of the hypothetical, would they be telling us if they were using swabs for dual duty? For context, recall that Clapper lied under oath about phone sweep activity, to Congress, and got away scot-free. Does that latter fact make you comfortable?

Days ago the Patriot Act ultra-surveillance secret bullshit got renewed. Whether that gives you comfort or not, you decide. Is it worth the time for you to research how your Senators voted? Or can you simply guess? Amy and Tina? No need to look up Minnesota's two.
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