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Swartchild & Co. Wrist Watch Timing Washers

I recently purchased some watch related antiques that included this Swartchild & Company boxed selection of timing washers for wrist watches.? The all cardboard box measures just under 5 inches long, just under 1-3/4 inches wide, and 5/8 of an inch high. There are twelve vials in the set.?...

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Nikon 20-35mm F2.8 Lens Review

The Nikon 20-35mm F2.8 D lens was Nikon’s entry into the professional wide angle zoom lens category.? This lens hit the market in 1993 long after Canon’s 24-35mm F3.5 entry that debuted in 1978 and the later Canon 20-35mm F3.5 in which debuted in 1989. Specs While late to...

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Stanley No. 71 Router Plane

Today’s antique is a Stanley Number 71 router plane.? These planes, and the later No 71-1/2, were used to level the bottom of a groove or other recess to a plane parallel to the surface. This particular plane is unique for a few reasons that I want to walk...

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Stanley No. 100 Squirrel Tail Block Plane

The Lilliputian sized Stanley No. 100 squirrel tail plane is a cute little tool that is actually quite useful.? Its diminutive 3-1/2″ length and 1″ wide blade are much smaller than most metal planes, but they are still properly designed to make shavings. I inherited the red tailed plane...

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Razee Jack Plane Owned by L. Ruggles

I love razee woodworking planes because they’re just a little different and their design is a little more advanced than normal wood planes.? Razee is taken from the French words vaisseau razé which means a “razed” or cut down ship with fewer decks, and razee planes are cut down...

Leather Works Products Co. Strap Cutter

Modern Leather Strap Cutter

In last week’s post, I introduced the C.S. Osborne & Co. Draw Gauge.? It’s a beautiful antique and works well, but it has an exposed blade which makes it difficult to handle and store. However, there is an improved version of this tool that is marketed through leather supply...

C. S. Osborne Leather Strap Cutter - header image

C. S. Osborne & Co. Leather Strap Cutter

This week’s antique is a #44 C.S. Osborne & Co. leather strap cutter or “draw gauge”.? These tools were used to cut straps (such as belts) by drawing the blade down a piece of leather with the edge of the leather riding against the tool body.? This tool works...

Unmarked Metal Spokeshave - header

Adjustable Spokeshave

This week’s antique is a 10″ wide, straight handled, cast iron spokeshave that bears no maker’s mark (“unmarked”).? It has an adjustable mouth plate with decorative scrollwork details.? The slotted screw secures the 2-1/8″ wide blade.? The “straight knurled” thumbscrew adjusts the mouth opening. As shown below, it is...

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More About Small Oil Cans

In an earlier post, I discussed fishing reel and typewriter oilers however I was unaware of yet another commercial use for these little oil cans.? Apparently, they were also sold for use with home film projectors. There is a patent date stamped into the bottom that says “PAT.FEB 18.1896”.?...

Zeiss 35mm F1.4 ZF2

Zeiss Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZF2 Lens Review

Like the Carl Zeiss 85mm portrait lens, the Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZF2 lens is a beautiful,?high quality lens.? This 35mm F1.4 semi-wide angle lens is very heavy, made of solid aluminum and brass, and is armed with pure leaded glass (no plastic lens elements).? The lens is...