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Air Conditioning Schedule Maintenance

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Boiler Top 50 Internal problem and Solution

Boiler Internal Problem and Solution
All boiler internal problem and solution they must follow the manufacturer guideline.

There are 50 boiler internal problem and solutions are given bellow:

1. Leakage:


a. The boiler blowdown valve was found to be leaking.
b. Leakage was observed in the level transmitter nipple.
c. Leakage was observed in the welding of the dummy flange nipple.
d. Leakage was found in the feed water suction line.
e. Leakage found in boiler outlet valve.
f. Leakage found in main steam valve and valve in common header.
g. A droplet was observed in the water level gauge glass.
h. Gasket leakages were observed: nipple leakage on top of the boiler, in handhole and manhole.
i. Gas leakage was observed in two joints of the gas line piping.


a. The blowdown or drain valve must be replaced.
b. Level transmitter nipple must be tightened.
c. Repair the leakage.
d. Repair the leakage of the feed water suction line.
e. Leakage must be repaired at boiler outlet val…

Top 50 Boiler Functional Problem and Solution

Boiler Functional Problem and Solution:
Boiler functional and external problem and solutions are given below:
1. Safety Valve
Problem: a. The safety valve set pressure exceeds the maximum allowable pressure of the boiler. b. One or more safety valves are not functioning. c. Drainage has not been installed on one or more safety valves. d. Name plate of safety valve test pressure was not legible / name plates were covered in paint or scratched. e. Name plate of safety valve test pressure was not legible / name plates were covered in paint or scratched. f. Safety valve was found to be directly mounted on the boiler. Safety valve flanges are connected with inadequate nuts and bolts.
Solution: a. The safety valve set pressure must be the same as the maximum allowable pressure of the boiler. b. The non-functioning safety valve(s) must be serviced, repaired or replaced. c. Drainage must be installed for all safety valves. d. Boiler operator should make sure that name plates are permanently fi…

Requirements for Boiler Installation Rooms

Requirements for Boiler Installation Rooms:There are some basic requirements of a boiler room ..

1. Install a door to enter the boiler room. It may be necessary for this door to be fire rated, dependent on location of boiler room. This requirement for fire safety.

2. Proper lighting system to be provided in boiler room.

3. Proper ventilation system to be provided in boiler room.

4. Provide minimum 1 meter clearance around the boiler for maintenance. 

5. Provide proper drainage system.

Air Compressor Room Ventilation


The inlet grids and ventilation fanshould be installed in such in way that any recirculation of cooling air to thecompressor or dryer is avoided. The maximum air velocity through the grids is 5m/s or 16.5 ft/s

Ventilation system is calculatedlaws is given bellow

Qv= 1.06 N/DTfor Pack versions
Qv= Required ventilation capacityin m3/s
N= shaft input of compressor in KW
DT= Temperature increases in thecompressor room in °C

How one design Air Compressor Pipe?

Aircompressor installation Requirement

1.Installthe compressor unit on a solid, level floor suitable for taking its weight 2.Positionof the compressed air outlet valve.

Aircompressor pressure drop calculation is given bellow DP = (L X 450 X Qc=1.85)/ (d5 X P )
Where, D=Inner diameter of the pipe in mm DP = Pressure drop in bar, pressuredrop maximum considered 0.1 bar L=length of pipe in m P=Absolute pressure at the compressor outlet in bar Qc= Free air delivery of the compressor in l/s
Itmust be follow the connection of the of the compressor air outlet pipe is madeon top of the main air net pipe in order to minimize carry-over of possiblecondensate residue.

How one Operating and Testing the Air compressor Safety Valve?

How one Operating and Testing the Air compressorSafety Valve?

Operatingthe Air compressor Safety Valve:
Operate the safety valve byunscrewing the cap one or two turns and re-tighten it.

Testingthe Air compressor Safety Valve:
Before removing the valve one must depressurize thecompressor Valve can be tested and separate air line. If thevalve does not open at the set pressure stamped on the valve, it must be replaced.

No adjustments allowed Never run the compressor without safety valve Must wear goggles Must wear hand gloves

How one solves the Problem of Air Compressor?

Problemsolving of Air compressor
Before start working on Air Compressor must befollow this caution
Before carrying out any maintenance, repair work oradjustment, press the stop button, wait until the compressor has stopped, pressthe emergency stop button and switch off the voltage. Close the air outletvalve and lock it if necessary.

Problemof Air Compressor Condition 1:
Compressor starts running but does not load afterdelay time.
1.Solenoidvalve out of order 2.Inletvalve stuck in closed position 3.Leakin control air flexible 4.Minimumpressure valve leaking when net is depressurized
1.Replacesolenoid valve 2.Checkthe valve 3.Replaceleaking flexible 4.Checkthe valve

Problemof Air Compressor Condition 2:
Compressor does not unload, safety valve blows

How ones maintenance of Air Dryer?

MaintenanceProcedure of Air dryer
One must follow safety precaution any types ofmaintenance of dryer machine

1.Contactof Refrigerant with the skin will cause freezing. One must be worn gloves avoidthis risk. If refrigerant contacted with skin, the skin should be rinsed withwater. On no clothing account may clothing be removed.
2.Alwaysshould be wear safety glasses. Because fluid refrigerant will also causefreezing of the eyes.
3.Beforestarting work must check the area is ventilated. Because refrigerant isharmful. Do not inhale refrigerant vapours.

DryerMachine Refrigerant:hydrofluorocarbons (HFC)

Be aware the internal elements such as the pipes canreach a temperature of 110 ?C or 230 ? F. Therefore wait until the dryer hascooled down before removing the panels.
Before starting any maintenance or repair works,switch off the voltage and close the air inlet and outlet valves.

1.Mustkeep the dryer always clean.
2.Brushor bl…
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